Pool Table Installation

All prices below are based on standard 7ft and 8ft modern style tables with drop pockets within a 20 mile radius of Kingsport TN. We do travel outside of this radius depending on the type of service needed.  Please see the bottom of this page for a list of cities and counties within our service area. Our pricing may also vary for antique, 9ft, and ball return tables. In order to provide the best possible quote by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (423)946-3273. It is best to have your pool table size, the manufacture, and type of playing service available when you contact us. Please see our information on How to measure your table. We are committed to making your pool table service as smooth and easy as possible.

Used Pool Table Assembly/ call for pricing

Our installer will professionally assemble your table in the room that it has been placed in using the existing felt. It is important to know that over time felt can lose some elasticity, and can become weak at the seams. If this is to occur on your table the old felt can tear and we may not be able to reuse it. Our installers keep several styles and colors of felt on hand for purchase if needed to complete your install.

Assemble Used Table with New Felt call for pricing

While the table is still disassembled we will remove the old felt from the bed and the rails and carefully replace them with Championship Saturn Teflon felt which is included in the above price. See our shopping page for other felt options and prices. 

Moving Table within Home call for pricing

We will move the table and all parts to the new location within your home on the same level. There may be extra charges for moving to another floor or the use of elevators to move. Once we have placed the table in the desired location we will reassemble using the original felt. 

Moving Table within Home with New Felt call for pricing

The price can vary with this service depending on the style and color of felt you wish to go with. The above cost includes a cut of championships Saturn Teflon felt. Please see our shopping page for other felt options. 

Disassemble Move and Reassemble call for pricing

With this service we will take down your table ensure that is securely wrapped in moving blankets and plastic, and securely move the table to the new location and reassemble with the current felt. The above cost does not include additional millage. Please call for a more accurate quote. 

Disassemble Move and Reassemble with New Felt call for pricing

This price can vary depending on the style and color of felt. This cost includes a cut of Championship Saturn Teflon Felt. Please see our product list for additional pricing. The above price does not include additional millage. Please call for a more accurate quote.   

Re-Felt and Level call for pricing

With a re-felt we will provide you with a new cut of Championship Saturn Teflon felt installed on the bed and the rails of your table. We will then check the table’s slate for level and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your table is accurate and straight.  If you choose to go with a different type of felt please see our shopping page for more options and prices. 

Service Call call for pricing

If your table has not been serviced in a while, and feels like it may be out of level or you are not getting the correct rebound off the rails. We can offer a full service tune up to get your table back up to speed. We will do a complete table inspection checking the slate level, hardware, pockets, seams, and rails. We will loosen the rails and realign them properly, and level the table at the legs while offering repair suggestions we see that the table may need. If we find that your table needs new bumpers, or new felt and you choose to have us return for the repairs we will apply $45.00 of the service call toward the repairs.

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